Monday, December 30, 2013

Recovery Rubric - PukaLani

A   L  O   H  A  !
Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, Waikiki

  "Better by far 
you should forget 
and smile 
than you should 
remember and be sad."

Christina Rossetti 

Land of Orange

" Only by living absurdly 
is it possible to 
break out of 
this infinite absurdity. "

Julio Cortazar 

Leaf Light / Stone Dark

"Historical evidence suggests 
that anxiety can be allied to 
artistic and creative genius. 
The literary gifts of Emily Dickinson, 
for example, were inextricably bound up
 with her reclusiveness, which some say 
was a product of anxiety. 
(She was completely housebound after age 40.) 
Franz Kafka yoked his neurotic sensibility 
to his artistic sensibility; 
Woody Allen has done the same. ”

Scott Stossel,
editor of The Atlantic

Cats are excellent
confidantes and
soul healers.

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The sky cleared blue
As I found the clearing.
Drought functionally over,
Stream bed pranced
Delighting clear waters.

The covering over
Bottomless Well of Sorrows
Had thinned precipitously
For weeks.

Whew! I had forgotten
That foetid smell,
Seductive miasmas of

Sooner or later it
Always closes back up.
The Smell dissipates

Eventually the site is forgotten
Best forgotten
But for this one shit-crusted gem
That I sacrificed ages ago.

I had forgotten all about
This piece of myself;
Look! It still fits!
Bringing wholeness and insight.

So even the Bottomless Well of Sorrows
Carries gifts of sorts.
Glad the Holidays are completing
Springtime lambs of my heart are bleating.

Spoiled and chastened I go on,
Bump Bump
On these funny stairs.
Note: In Hawaiian
 'Puka' is a hole
'Lani' means heaven.
There is a place in Maui
called Pukalani because
the geography causes 
a sunny spot there
despite surrounding clouds.

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