Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sky Watching For Hurricane Ana

A  L  O  H  A !

The past is passed. 
Illusions evaporating.
Change, the order of the day
New relations percolating


Always Improving - Stillness Within

Two of my personal maxims today,
Hope You enjoy them.


Hawaii awaits the pleasure
of Tropical Storm/Hurricane
While I am feeling lucky
NOT to live on a boat anymore,
I dread the consequences
for our people & islands.

Hurricane Gonzalo
threatens MUCH
worse to Bermuda,
which seemed a lovely island
in my 20 minutes there.

Send a good thought
to all affected by

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Thank You
for blowing by!
           Warmly, cloudia

October Orange

A L O H A !
" I myself am made 
entirely of flaws,
stitched together with
good intentions. "
                    Augusten Burroughs

Now THAT is an October Fence!

" At first cock-crow 
the ghosts must go
Back to their 
quiet graves below. "
                        Theodosia Garrison

" If one grave in a graveyard 
looks like a target 
for petty vandals, 
that is the ghoul-gate.”
                    Neil Gaiman, 
                              The Graveyard Book

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Thank YOU
for wandering by,
"Just a little scared,"