Wednesday, July 27, 2011


" Being the recipient of a smile
can be deeply rewarding. "

Tom Corwin


A L O H A !

" Until the great mass of the people 
shall be filled with the sense of responsibility
for each others' welfare, 
social justice can never be attained.  "

Helen Keller

"The government,
which was designed for the people,
 has got into the hands of the bosses
and their employers, the special interests.
 An invisible empire has been set up
 above the forms of democracy." 

Woodrow Wilson

" Nothing is so infectious
as example."

Francois De La Rochfoucauld

> < } } ( ° >

The people in the bubble
at the pinnacle
believe that they are levitating
disconnected from Earth
and from the rest of

The country we all built
as they chop away
at branch,
trunk and root.

Have You, fellow American,
called your "representatives'
to HOWL?!