Sunday, July 4, 2021

Leave The Balcony

 A L O H A From Honolulu!

It's a funny thing about life, 

once you begin to take note

of the things 

you are grateful for, 

you begin to lose sight of the 

things that you lack.

Germany Kent

If you are in a bad mood 

go for a walk. If 

you are still 

in a bad mood go 

for another walk.


" S i r e n "

Objects above car are boxes
with keys for vacationers.

 I felt once again the unease

of arriving at night

in an unknown city
that faint sour panic

which seems to cling

to a place until one has

found oneself a bed.

Laurie Lee *

I've never run with the bulls.

 I prefer to watch 

from the safety 

of a balcony. 

    Cesar Azpilicueta

Love You - Good Luck,
                Cloudia & Pixie

*At 16, under the influence of Kerouac,
I assembled my kit, and walked to US Route 1,
where I put out my thumb 
on the north bound shoulder. 

My father had been the  only
one awake. I can still see him standing.
Mug of coffee in his hand as I left the house.

I remember a kindly truck driver stopping.
"Does your mama know where you are?"
We talked of the Road. 

I made it to the home of a friend 
hundreds of miles from home that day. 
And slept in a bed. 

The next day, 
we went into New York City. 
And parted. 

That's the first time 
I felt the quote above. 

But it was the times of 
"Hippies" Vagabonds, and Crash - Pads. 
One could panhandle all day (I did) 
then find some place to crash 
among other young adventurers. 

Through my eyes of experience today, 
I realize how lucky I was! 
My street sense and Hyper-vigilance 
surely helped me avoid some trouble. 

A rucksack, and sleeping bag with 
chopsticks jammed down the middle. 
"Why are you eating scrambled eggs 
with chopsticks?" Grandma asked, 
the morning I returned home. "
They don't know that they're 
not Chinese," I laughed.

We knew everything back then. 
Much like lots of folks today. 
Now I appreciate the wisdom 
of Grandma in so many ways! 

And so, I set out to live, 
to know, to be. 

To break the frame around me. 

I wouldn't be me without memories 
of that sour feeling of coming into 
a strange town with no bed waiting. 

What a long strange trip it's been!