Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someone Will "Get" You

A  L  O  H  A !
 Decca Records 
turned down a recording contract
 with the Beatles

' Someone's Creation '
 "We don't like their sound. 
Groups of guitars
 are on their way out." 

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >  

Don't listen
to "experts."


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" When I do good, 
I feel good. 
When I do bad, 
I feel bad. 
That's my religion. "

Abraham Lincoln 

 " You can fool 
all the people
 some of the time, 
and some of the people 
all the time, 
but you cannot fool
 all the people
 all the time.  "

Abraham Lincoln

" I am not bound to win, 
but I am bound 
to be true.
 I am not bound to succeed,
 but I am bound to live
 by the light that I have. 
I must stand with anybody
 that stands right, 
and stand with him 
while he is right. . ."

Abraham Lincoln


Run to the theater
and see Spielberg's
" L I N C O L N "

If you are an 
you will understand
more deeply
the greatness,
and the meanness
of our great Nation.

If you are citizen
of a different country,
I humbly ask you
to come and learn,
and feel
the struggle for 
Human Dignity
carried out
through bloody war
and soaring ideals.

The President
was a man of heart,
great empathy,
and great soul.
He surely left his stamp
on every American heart,
on what being American
With Malice toward none, 
with charity for all, 
with firmness in the right, "

Do not come late
or you will miss
the stupendously
opening scene.

Ten Stars our of Five!

MUST see.

I know that I shall again.

Take the kids.

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