Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chinatown Lunch

A L O H A !

Let's wander through my beloved Honolulu Chinatown!

" We need to haunt
the house of history
and listen anew
to the ancestors' 
wisdom. "

Maya Angelou

"  On the roof it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below can't bother me. "

                                  by Gerry Goffin &
                                                             Carole King

How about some Chinese / Malaysian /  Singaporean?

"One who waits
 for roast duck to fly into mouth
must wait a very long time."

Chinese Proverb

1. Shrimp Won Ton Char Siu Noodle $4 / All Noodle In Soup

"One cannot refuse to eat
just because
 there is a chance of choking."

Chinese Proverb

Looks Even Better in Person!

"Some prefer carrot
while others like cabbage."

Chinese Proverb

What a Good Girl Am I!

" A Smile will gain you
ten more years
of life. "

Chinese Proverb

Ah! The Day Looks Brighter Now :)

" The greatest wealth 
is to live content with little,
 for there is never want 
where the mind is satisfied. "



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