Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Happy One

A   L  O   H   A  !
Happiness and freedom 

begin with one 


Some things are 

within your control 

and some are not.


Empty Bar


strengthen the 

mind as labor 

does the body.

Seneca the Younger

Whoever walks 

with the wise 

will become 

wise, but 

the companion 

of fools 

suffers harm.


Happy the one 

who has broken 

the chains which 

hurt the mind 

and has given up 


once and for all.



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Monday, August 3, 2020

Beauty Forces

A   L   O   H   A  !
Why does every road 

eventually narrow 

into a point 

at the horizon? 

Because that's where 

the point lies.

    Vera Nazarian

It is only 

through shadows 

that one comes to 

know the light.

     Catherine of Siena

Stars don’t beg 

the world for 


their beauty forces 

us to look up.

 Matshona Dhliwayo

Pixie Says: Keep Safe!

Part of being 

a Master is 

learning how to 

sing in nobody 

else's voice 

but your own.

Hugh Macleod


                                               cloudia & pixie

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

And Grow

A   L   O   H   A  !
Sometimes when you 

lose your way 

in the fog, you 

end up in a 

beautiful place! 

Don’t be afraid 

of getting lost!

   Mehmet Murat ildan

We never change 

through comfort. 

We change through 

challenge, dissonance, 

disruption, and 

new stories. -

Trust me, 

I often want to flee 

back to comfort, too. -

The work of living out 

an honest, vulnerable, 

tangible faith requires 

parts of us we may 

not want to give.

Kathy Escobar

When life is sweet, 

say thank you 

and celebrate. 
When life is bitter, 

say thank you 

and grow.

   Shauna Niequist

ꕨ ꖏ
Love You!
                       cloudia & pixie

Saturday, August 1, 2020


A   L   O   H   A  !
From A Joyful Heart

Sending Aloha

To You!

There’s no need 

to be perfect to 

inspire others. 

Let people get 

inspired by how 

you deal with 

your imperfections.


You were born 

to be real not 

to be perfect. 

You are here 

to be you, not 

to live someone 

else’s life.

Ralph Marston

We are not 

thinking machines 

that feel, we are 

feeling machines 

that think.

 António R. Damásio

I cling to my 

imperfection as 

the very essence 

of my being.

   Anatole France


We Love You,
                                               Pixie & Cloudia

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