Thursday, February 15, 2024


A L O H A From Honolulu!

For me, the vast marvel
is to be alive.
For man, or for flowers
or beast or bird, the
supreme triumph is to be
most vividly and perfectly alive.
Al Purdy

Side by side,
we step onto the gleam, A metal river,
flowing up, it seems.
Laughter dances,
light as summer breeze, Riding together we
climb with joyful ease. Each rise a promise,
sung into the air, Of dreams we chase
and futures yet to share.

Within the Temple's crimson gate,
Incense serves it's fragrant fate.
Gold and gilt, a vibrant sight,
As New Year dawns,
with wishes bright.

Though traditions ever 
evolve and shift,
This temple holds
a love that lifts.
In shared hearts
and incense haze,
The soul of Chinese
New Year stays.

I'm youth, I'm joy,
I'm a little bird that has
broken out of the egg.
James M. Barrie

ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ ꑗ
Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie

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Some might say 'old dog,'
I say 'vintage treasure.'
Their love shines brighter
with each grey hair. Every day with this old friend
is a gift. *

* This is my neighbor's dog.
He may not jump as high,
but those farts still reach
impressive distances!