Friday, September 25, 2009

All Happening at Honolulu ZOO

A L O H A!

Glad YOU could make it today. . . come, we go-

click on photos - but DO NOT feed the Animals Hello, Rusty!
"Don't think of retiring from the world until the world will be sorry that you retire. I hate a fellow whom pride or cowardice or laziness drives into a corner and who does nothing when he is there but sit and growl. Let him come out as I do, and bark!"
Samuel Johnson

What's Violet looking at?

"Our generosity towards others is key to our positive experience of the world. There's enough room
for everyone to be beautiful."
Marianne Williamson

Three Graces.

"He does it with a better grace,
but I do it more natural.”
William Shakespeare

Hippo Water Volleyball!

"Champions aren't made in the gyms.
Champions are made from something they have
deep inside them
-- a desire, a dream, a vision."
Muhammad Ali

You Handsome Devil!

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
Denis Waitley

One of the more interesting specimens!
"Love is to people what water is to plants."
Marianne Williamson

my friends;
And it's not always pretty
behind the scenes.

Inside there's a gracious cat
as the trade winds riffle
my ruff.

There is an ostrich
and silly.

And also a
(I hope you won't glimpse it!)

Please notice the soul
and beauty
of my amber eyes
but ignore my
and carrion breath.

I am a Zoo entire
my Love.
Except YOU are the grave & regal
elephant of the heart

You may be scratched,
and wreathed in roars,
or licked to a fare-thee-well,
but OH my love
you will enjoy
a deep and sturdy

*Bark * Hoot * Snort * Squeal*
"Aloha to Each of YOU" cloudia