Thursday, July 25, 2019

Your Choice

A  L  O  H  A !
You call the heaven 
you hope for, 
or create the hell 
you fear.

Let your feelings
be your guide,
not your god.

This world is not realities yard stick but 
it's testing ground and playground. 
Truth is expansive and never ending. 
Life is a test tube of many experiments. 
And when the experiments are over 
Truth reigns once again over all

You're going along. You're 
doing emotionally great. 
Then a tiny thought or anxiety 
presents itself at the gate. 
Stay calm. 
Don't be like the elephant 
that runs up a tree because it's 
cartoonishly afraid of a mouse. 
Reframe how you feel about 
that tiny negative thought. 
Perhaps it is only come to 
press its nose up against 
the window of your party. 
Perhaps it is showing itself 
to remind you of the importance 
of the great mood you're in, 
and re-doubling your commitment 
to staying in a high vibration. 
None of this by force, 
but by CHOICE! 
The most powerful force 
in the universe. 
That little negative thought is 
asking you if you want to play. 
Don't engage, don't get upset.
 Thank it for the invitation 
and send it on its way with love.

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