Friday, October 31, 2014

For The Benefit of Expanded Consciousness

"If we could see 
the miracle 
of a single flower 
 our whole life 
would change."

"The sun is 
nature's Prozac."  
Astrid Alauda

. .

And of course 
Harry the Horse 
dances the waltz -
Do you see the cartoon horse?

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A L O H A !

" Never bear more 

than one trouble at a time. -

 - Some people bear 

three kinds - 

all they have had, 

all they have now,

and all 

they expect to have. "
                    Edward Everett Hale

" The sky is
 that beautiful old parchment
 in which the sun
 and the moon 
keep their diary. "
                                 Alfred Kreymborg

" You must not 
blame me 
if I do talk 
to the clouds. "
                               Henry David Thoreau

I have learned the hard lessons
Of my discontent,
Disapprovals all around.
But in it's time
Patience has blossomed;
And the world rings
With a different sound.

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We all have our challenges.
But I didn't know that,
thinking mine
were special.

Our problems and issues
are threats,
or opportunities,
as we ultimately choose.

Thank You
for being a companion
on the way!

                  Fondly, cloudia