Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lai Fong's Angel of Squalor

A   L   O   H   A !
 Honolulu: Pocket-Size City of Mysteries

" I am, as I am; 
whether hideous, or
 handsome, depends
 upon who is made 
judge. "
                           Herman Melville

 Thriving Modern Metropolis to Casual Eyes

" The cost of a thing
 is the amount of 
what I call life 
which is required to be 
exchanged for it, 
or in the long run. "

                             Henry David Thoreau

 Old Flavors Remain-Beloved Lai Fong

By its nature,

the metropolis provides

 what otherwise could be 

given only by


 namely, the strange.” 

                              Jane Jacobs
                                                The Death and Life of Great American Cities

 if White Pigeon Turns
 I Can Get 
a Good Photo -

But She Filled My Lens with
Flutter and Was Gone.

When My Eye Cleared,
 I Noticed a Mystery
 Inside the 
Broken Window:

" The ideal space
 must contain 
elements of
serenity, sorcery 
and mystery. "
                     Luis Barragan

 Lai Fong's Angel of Squalor
White Girl Had Flown
 Not Away, But Inside.

She was the Mystery

"some have 
entertained angels 
unawares "

Hebrews 13:2


Thank YOU
for Being A Visiting Angel!

                  Warmly, Cloudia