Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcome Home Mr. President

Skies of Holi-Daisy

A L O H A !         @_@
Glad you could steal a moment to visit during this busy season -
                                      Up on the Roof by James Taylor on Grooveshark
Yesterday was the shortest day
of the year.
Sensible creatures are hibernating,
or at least taking it easy.
For energy is running low, 
our resistance is down,

But what do we do?
Let the holiday obligations begin!

"Holid-obilgations" if you will.

We drive far in the snow,
drag ourselves to shopping malls
to despair over parking,
 hacking, sneezing, coughing,
mad men. . .


it is that 
time of year !

Some of us even fly thousands of miles
to impose on our family and friends!

Guess I just sound jealous,
'cause THIS Christmas Vampire
is hiding at home,
harvesting a warm feeling
from all my favorite old Christmas movies,
and music;
From cheese, chocolates,
and other treats
that carry NO calories
at holiday time.
(I'm certain I read that
on-line somewhere )

So if you are one of the lucky people
with dozens of loved ones, 
all in your home right now

(and all the work that goes with them)

I send you my love &  condolence;
God Bless Us Every One.

And here's a little Chanukah gift,
from me to you.
Tidings of comfort,
intended for your joy.
( Below )

At this busy time, 
your visit
means even more to me
than ever.
Truly, you bring real gifts here,
for which I am grateful.

                               Warmly, cloudia