Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Telling It

A   L   O   H   A  !

 In Autumn I remember being
 a kid back in the old neighborhood;
Riding my bicycle 
through the quiet streets.
Sounds of Nature: 
 Winds, Birds, Leaves, a Stream
by the whoosh of a lone car,
 or purr of propeller plane.

 How I longed to grow elsewhere
to clink glasses with bright people
in tall, bright cities.

 But this Autumn I Remember and Long
to pass again those quiet empty streets 
late in Afternoon,
past houses of families I know
while a thousand leaves Tambourine at once.

 A crow caws.

Wind crescendos like an important Becoming
heralded by moving, grand cloud shadows
all somehow felt inside. 

I would like to be that little person again
long enough to tell:
"Don't worry.
 Enjoy, Savor.
Don't miss a precious flavor
of your perfect Days.


Thank YOU
for Sharing these moments
of Friendship

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                    Warmly, cloudia