Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Going To Be SOME Light

 A   L   O   H   A  !

I Never Tire Of Oahu Mornings

Forever is 

composed of nows.

                     Emily Dickinson

My Candidate & New Friends!  ⬈

No one seems to have the 
definitive origin story
of this custom, but in Hawaii candidates
for political office & reelection take to the 
intersections and byways of their islands
with friends and supporters to hold signs,
and wave SHAKAs Link.  As a former street
outreach worker in public health, I have
tons of skills for engaging strangers in public.
I'm not afraid to shake that. . . 
sign, and dance about.
After months spent at home, 
or my exotic vay-cay
to the grocery store en-masque, 
it was actually
a bit TOO much fun. 

Sci-Fi Scene: Glowing Creatures on the Rim with Rays


not in another place 

but this place,

not for another hour, 

but this hour.

  Walt Whitman

It is only through shadows 

that one comes to 

know the light.     

     Catherine of Siena


Love You,
                   Cloudia & Pixie