Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A  L  O  H  A !
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" I try to raise
 my soul so high
 that the offense
 cannot reach it. "

Rene Descartes

" The conscious mind 
may be compared
 to a fountain
 playing in the sun - "

Sigmund Freud

" Rest and you rust. "

 Helen Hayes, 
American actress

" Well we all shine on
Like the moon 
and the stars 
and the sun
Well we all shine on
Every one, come on "

John Lennon

 " Light gives of itself freely,
 filling all available space.
 It does not seek anything
 in return;
 it asks not whether 
you are friend or foe.
 It gives of itself
and is not thereby 
diminished.  "

Michael Strassfeld

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by  Cloudia W. Charters

Bulldog to butterfly, Raised by rage
found my refuge on the page
H.G. Wells, Kipling and Poe
Sandburg showed me where to go.

Cultural deluge spins all boats
upsets familiar landscape, but I kept afloat
true believer to the dregs
everyone else somehow got rich
but I was just stretching my legs.

Start over?  Why not!
a rolling stone will not rot
Rooted to locale?  
well me, I’m not.

But torrents taunt boulders
we’re all growing older

Tis been a thrilling ride
if much of it pure slide

to rest on a shore
never seen before

rooted at last
have twenty years 
really passed!?

Half submerged sentinel by the shore
rocked but by tides, who could want more?

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is appreciated!

                              Warmly, cloudia