Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Since 1969

A  L  O  H  A !

" Story of My Bikes"

" A motorcycle functions entirely 
in accordance with the
 laws of reason, and a 
study of the art of 
motorcycle maintenance is
 really a miniature study 
of the art of rationality itself. "
Robert M. Pirsig, 
'Zen and the Art 
of Motorcycle Maintenance'

" Most motorcycle problems 
are caused by the nut
that connects the handlebars
 to the saddle. "
                  Biker Lore

That is my first bike:
1969 Suzuki.
What a faithful little pony!
My first motor vehicle,
and the freedom it brought.

Then for some years
I did not have a bike.

But when I met my blog-
invisible husband, his
1973 BMW motorcycle
was one of the reasons
he was The One!

" It takes more love 
to share the saddle 
than it does to 
share the bed. "
                Biker Lore

Legendary rides

" Four wheels move the body. 
Two wheels move the soul. "
Biker Lore

Once established on Oahu
in the 1980's
I got this tough
Honda Magna:
Low & Strong & fast!
The bike that helped me
start a Women's
Motorcycle Club!

The winged woman
was my idea.
"Holding up Oahu!"
someone else added.
The rest is history.

We had to negotiate
the bottom "Rocker"
'Aloha State' with the
local outlaw clubs.
No two clubs can
claim the same turf.

It took some guts
to call ourselves a 
MC [ motorcycle club ]
because a lot of biker guys
didn't like it!

We did it anyway!
We rode hard.
We got the Respect.

Gene in his hangar

 Pilot/ mechanic who builds
aircraft and BMW motorcycles
from parts; Here Gene is completing
MY lilac 1973 BMW with the shiny
'Toaster Tank' My 1990's bike.
That it an even older black
'Shorty Tank' behind my seat.

Thanks blog-invisible husband.
Thanks, Gene!

" There are old pilots
and bold pilots;
but there are no old
AND bold pilots. "
            Pilot Lore

Look at those jugs!
(Boxer engine, based on
old, basic aircraft engines)

The BMW was a collectors item.
It deserved a garage.
It got very tall and heavy
as years went by.

I switched to this 
Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter,
a tough little punk
faster than most sports cars.
Zippy Fun!

I fancied myself quite HOT!

But probably looked more - 

So three weeks ago,
a big SUV
made a left
right into me.

I'm OK.

I was hurting quite a bit,
but that is not what this
blog is for.

Celebrating how THRILLED
I am to be OK,
and how I am out of pain:
THAT is worth sharing!

Thing is, I don't have a bike
for the first time in decades.

Feels strange.

Insurance wrote it off,
"Totalled" it,
and is sending me a check

Will I get another bike?
Will I wait a while?

Who knows.

Here is the music
that started it all. . . 
in 1969. . . 

                    PEACE, cloudia