Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ain't I a Critter

A L O H A !
 " Everyone 
you will ever meet 
knows something 
you don't. "
                             Bill Nye, 
                                               Science Guy 

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Do animals,
individual animals,
have things 
to teach us?


Thank You!
            Warmly, cloudia

Day What It Is?

A  L  O  H  A !
What Day Is It?   What Year?!

A rut is 
just a groove 
you don't 
want to be in. 

Some people are back to work - or never stopped

" He that respects himself 
is safe from others; 
he wears a coat of mail 
that none can pierce. "

         Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

But not everybody is working. For some 
there is time to walk on the beach.

" Taking time to do 
often brings 
into perspective. "
                          Doe Zantamata


Holidays are disorienting.
That is a big part of
their purpose.

They break boring routine,
then make us long for
our routines again.

Holiday Magic!

We dance through the year,
'Same Same ~ New New"

The rhythm changes.
Sometimes the song does-
then we must dance
to a different tune.

But keep dancing!
Just keep dancing,
As long as you can
hear the music-
               Fondly, cloudia