Monday, February 11, 2013

Feathery Curtains o'er the Sun's Bright

" A pessimist 
sees only the dark side 
of the clouds, 
and mopes;
 a philosopher 
sees both sides, 
and shrugs; 
an optimist 
doesn't see 
the clouds at all -
 (s)he's  walking on them. "

       Leonard Louis Levinson

Distance Delight

A  L  O  H  A !

Morning in Waikiki

" With the new day 
comes new strength
 and new thoughts. "

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Time to get out of bed

" Any idiot can face a crisis - 
it's day to day living
 that wears you out. "

Anton Chekhov 

Waves of joyous energy 
radiate above -

" Yesterday is dead, 
tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. -

 - And Below

 - I have just one day,
and I'm going to be
 happy in it. "

Groucho Marx 
(Noted 20th Century Philosopher)
His Philosophy here:


Bright is too bright.  In places we see light
 more than the flower radiating it.

Morning light of Waikiki

bless you

and bless the eyes

who see.

Share your waves 

of light

with bliss,

As we

A  P  P  R  E  C  I  A  T  E

till twilight's

gentle kiss.

The distance between  Honolulu, Hawaii 
and Los Angeles, California
is 2551 miles (4105 km)
(2217 nautical miles).

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