Thursday, August 27, 2020

Greetings From Oahu

 A   L   O   H   A  !


“Nights and days 

came and passed 

And summer and winter

and the rain.

And it was good to 

be a little Island.

A part of the world

and a world of its own

All surrounded by 

the bright blue sea.

                    Margaret Wise Brown

 The Security fence

is reversible,

Human lives

are irreversible.

     Silvan Shalom

There is more to knowing 

than just being correct.

Taoist Proverb

One joy 

scatters a 

hundred griefs.

         Chinese proverb


Oahu, Which is Honolulu County
is going back into lockdown
at midnight. After months
of very low infections,
our numbers started
to climb. Obviously,
people everywhere
are coping with this
situation that none of us
have experienced before.

So be easy with yourself.
General Amnesty
for all forms of

You are doing
G R E A T!

Have a treat.
Yes. It is fully human
to care.

But also to
endure, survive,
and even have fun
along the way.
Celebrate even a 
single joy.

I won't tell!

Love You,
                           cloudia & pixie

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