Monday, May 11, 2020

Happy Moment

A    L    O    H    A  !
Be happy for this moment.  
This moment is your life.
       Omar Khayyam

When life is sweet, say thank you 
and celebrate.  
When life is bitter, say thank you 
and grow.   
           Shauna Niequist

Whenever we are in a Crisis situation, 
we only have two possibilities - we can
lean towards fear or lean towards love. 
When we lean towards love, 
we do what we can to help 
and support those in need. 
When we lean towards fear, 
we constrict our energy 
and diminish ourselves. 
       Maureen Pua'ena O'Shaughnessy

I take my time. I want to be
myself. I don't deny myself in
the here and now. This is our
practice-we call it aimlessness. . .

 . . .We don't put a goal in
front of ourselves and run after
it constantly. If we do, we'll be
running all our life and never be happy. 
Who you are is already a wonder; you
don't need to be someone else.
You are a wonder of life.
Thich Naht Hanh

Love You,

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