Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage Car Memories

A  L  O   H   A  !

The other day, 
my normal Waikiki routine
 turned into
British Motoring
 Festival Day!

This beauty at the Post Office 


[ and whispered:
'Get IN' ]

It was stirring a memory. . . 
laying practically on my back
like watching TV in bed. . . .

oh yes!

Dad's yellow Jaguar-

Photo courtesy Harmon Motors

Seems to me, I only rode in it once.
[I was on my own by then.]
But that ride was memorable.
One thing I DO remember:
It was finicky about starting
in the rain.

A Ford Transit
 sat nearby

Nice size
 for a business on an

the Transit is Not TOO big, like some
vehicles I could mention. . .

 HEY! A few blocks away:
Another British motoring icon!

But I couldn't get that small van 
out of my mind;
It was evoking
something from childhood.

But what?


Going to work for the day
with Dad in his
"English Ford."

This was before 'compact cars'

when the Volkswagen 
was still new
-and strange-
to those accustomed to 
BIG American Cars !

can bring you back around
to something you
keep remembering

Often when driving
I remember one of the things
he said near the end:

"I just wish I could 
drive my car."

Remembering that
brings joy
back to driving,
and dissolves
traffic blues.

Miss ya Dad

& Thanks to YOU, my friend
for looking in
                              Warmly, cloudia

  >< } } ( ° >