Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a Summer's Day

Welcome to Waikiki So glad you stopped by today!

Palolo Valley

Just musing on the summer beauty. . .

Today I brought a poem to share
with you
as I wander in a realm of sensation.
My brain works - not - right,
let's call it grief.
Flooded by memories
and the present seems like a dream. . .

Wisteria Woman
by Lisa Shields

Violet lavender drug
slipping beneath my skin,
shucking off the stale air
of too long shut in,
too long shut away
whispering to me
to breathe deep and be.
The clothes fall away
till I stand like mother Eve
two bites before the apple.
Lips blush to rose,
and the tongue tastes
of sweet tart pomegranate,
while a wisp of wind
carries hair to frame my face.
All I have been is pollen dusted,
oh the wisteria sweet
kissing deep,
till I feel the promise of fertile,
drooping fat on a vine
petals that promise nothing,
but hint at all.
A month from honeysuckle still to come,
but I can taste the nights,
raise my eyes to the mantle of sky,
suddenly clad in the skin
of every moonlit woman,
and beckoning with my being
for you to dance beneath
the far flung sky
in the arms of a Wisteria Woman

©2007, Lisa Shields

Lisa Shields resides in New Jersey.