Sunday, January 2, 2022

This Year

A L O H A From Honolulu!

This year,
let's work as hard
to find things to
agree on, as we do
having arguments.

Sky Mermaid
Do not be dismayed
by the brokenness
of the world.
All things break, and
all things can be mended...

...Not with time,
as they say, but
with intention.
So go. Love
intentionally, extravagantly,

...The broken world waits
in darkness for the
light that is you. L. R. Knost

I’m not preaching, but
I think maybe I learned it
from my animal friends.
Kindness and consideration
of somebody besides yourself.
I think that keeps you
feeling young. I really do.
Betty White


Float Like A Butterfly
Right On Target!

Fondly, Pixie
and Cloudia