Friday, April 2, 2010


Aloha, Friend!

click on the pics!
Let's take the plant for a drive.

"What is it
to be a gentleman?
The first to thank
and the last to complain."

Serbian Proverb

Pink Ladies - or white ladies blushing?

"Full many a flower
is born to blush unseen
and waste it's sweetness
on the desert air."

Thomas Gray


"The weak
can never forgive.
is the attribute
of the



Spring is coming back around,
unless you live in the southern hemisphere.
Then yours is our twin counter-circle.
Circles in circles:
we Dance!

The circuit of the Earth
is in our DNA.
It's part of us,
the part that
makes us
All inside the ring.

Easter, Passover,
April fools,
the ecclesiastical year,
are layered atop
or fading
folk faiths:
The last vestiges
of most ancient ways.

All the way back
go the links of life's chain;
to the city, through the clan,
and into the cell itself-

We are all born together
into this regime of circles,
of seasons
of moons
of years.

Oh beginning, middle,
and end!

Oh birth,
oh death,
oh today.

(One of 365)

Completing another circuit

we begin.

Aloha, cloudia