Monday, May 7, 2012

Kanaka`ole Gold

A  L  O  H  A !

"He `olina leo ka ke aloha."

Love speaks
 in a gentle 
and joyous voice.

Hawaiian Wisdom 

'Gold Tree'

“We are all connected
 to everyone and everything
in the universe.
Therefore, everything one does
 as an individual
affects the whole.
All thoughts, words,
 images, prayers,
 and deeds
 are listened to
 by all that is.”

 Serge Kahili King

Huna Principles.

  "  The world 
is what you think it is
    There are no limits
    Energy flows
 where attention goes
is the moment of power
    To love
 is to be happy with
    All power
 comes from 
 is the measure of truth. "
via  Serge Kahili King

  > < } } (°>

The Kanaka`ole Ohana
are not only the curators
of a great cultural treasure,
they ARE the treasure;
They live it,
live IN it,
and work with it
in their daily life-
The Treasure
 their most
Life Work
on many levels.

The treasure
is the ancient chant
and oral wisdom
of Hawaii.

Their name may ring familiar
to lovers of Hula & Chant.
Edith Kanaka`ole Stadium
in Hilo Hawaii
is the annual site
of the Merrie Monarch Festival,
where Hula & Chant
are celebrated
by dancers
and devotees
from all over
the islands,
all over the 

The late Edith Kanaka'ole is considered
 one of the most influential 
Kumu Hula 
[source/teacher of Hula]
of the 20tht century.

her family preserves, studies,
 and teaches
authentic language and chants,
 devoting much time
 and scholarship 
to the study of old texts
preserved in the Bishop Museum
 and other resources.

  Granddaughter  Kekuhi Kanahele
 lives ably in two worlds.
She sings and chants in a fashion
 that many describe with word's like "primeval,"
 but she has also contributed
much valuable academic research.

Great grandchild
 Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole
[also known as "Sonny"]
is today's sensation.

Here is a fun, contemporary
outbreak of dancing
by Sonny
that conveys
the current state
of the lively art:

This is actually a "Part 1" post. 
 I saw Sonny with Tutu (Grandmother)
Pualania Kanaka`ole Kanahele, 
 and  mother Kekuhi Kanahele
speaking together under a tent
 at the Honolulu Books & Music
Festival on Saturday. 

The three of them pulled back the curtain
revealing some very juicy information
about the scientific, and metaphysical 
truths that they preserve and live
every day.

Watch for a future post
 about their very 'practical magic.'

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                         Warmly, Cloudia