Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Obscure Craze of the Roman Empire

A L O H A From Honolulu!

The greatest enemy
of positive social change
is cynicism about
what can be changed.
Robert Reich

Deceptively deep
this heart we hold,
A universe
of stories untold.
With every beat
a truth unfolds,
Timeless tide
of all sweet souls.
Cloudia Charters

California Quail
Photo taken in Calif.
A fresher gale begins
to wave the wood,
and stir the stream, sweeping
with shadowy gust the
fields of corn; while the quail
clamors for his running mate.
James Thomson

Be both soft and wild.
Just like the Moon.
Or the storm. Or the sea.
   Victoria Erickson

Don't waste time on nonsense.
Nor be taken in by conjurors and
hoodoo artists with their talk.
Don't be obsessed with 
or other crazes like that.
Marcus Aurelius

Quail Fighting?
Are they especially pugnacious birds?
More good advice from the 
Master and one time Roman Emperor. 
But chosen chiefly for the echo to
the Quail above.
And so another day in

ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ ᳱ
Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie

Sign on a van belonging to
A Lion Dance Troop