Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gate of Joy

Click on photos to enlarge! A Ted Trimmer shot (below)

"The Catterpiller toward the End of Summer waxeth Volitile, and turneth to a Butterflie." - Bacon

The word 'Volatile' grows out of the Latin 'Volare,' "to fly."

Cooler "gang." His insulin & oxygen are in da cooler!


This is Frankie. (below) He lives in Waikiki with his Human
Companion, Robert H.

"My reading is hoarding, accumulating, storing up for the future, filling the hole of the present."

"Writing is a beautiful act. It is making something that will give pleasure to others."
- Susan Sontag (both)

At the gates of joy
a butterfly's shadow flits
or is it a shadow butterfly?
It's quieter here than I expected
the only pounding music
is coming from my heart.
Cleared - renounced - renewed
ready to go within
but no hurry - never again;
Trust the unfoldment
and loiter by the gate
Of Joy. A L O H A! Cloudia