Saturday, June 20, 2009



Welcome to Tranquil Waikiki

Click on photos to enlargeNormally, Hawaii Skies are Gentle and Pretty

In November 1962
a nuclear test on Johnston Island, 717 miles away,
lit up the skies over Honolulu.

This is the SBX / Sea Band Radar.
A few days ago it was seen leaving Pearl Harbor.
We call it "The Golf Ball."
(Can't really see the dimples in this shot from the Honolulu Star Bulletin)
It can reportedly track a golf ball-sized object several hundreds of miles away; It is used in missile defense.

Around July fourth our neighbors in North Korea will be sending one of their Taepodong Missiles over Japan and the Pacific towards


Sec Def (Secretary of Defense) Gates has ordered the positioning of the SBX and other assets to protect our islands which are reportedly within range.

No one thinks the missile is aimed at us
or will make it anywhere close.
My hubby, a former military intelligence officer,
points out that a hit on US soil
would provoke a hellacious response.

Say what you will about Obama,
War Hawks,
But he grew up here
and might resent having his
childhood home

So, all in all I'm not too worried.
As you can see above, Honolulu has had
her baptism of fire
into the ballistic age.

Sounds like some
Type - O - Dong to me!
as a child of the "Duck and Cover" generation,
I shall be prepared with all that the Cold War taught me.
In the event of attack
I shall crouch under my desk. . .
And kiss my ass goodbye.

Now it's time to watch Howdy Doody. . . .

ALOHA! Cloudia