Thursday, September 10, 2009


W E L C O M E !
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Moiliili, Honolulu
"It was labor that helped build the largest middle class in history.
So, even if you're not a union member, every American owes
something to America's labor movement."
President Barack Obama

Is that Jerry Dromedary
of Dorothy Hamill-Camel?
"I believe there surely is such a thing as truth,
but who among us can claim a monopoly on it?"
Edward "Ted" Kennedy

Too Cute Pooches

"Censorship is the height of vanity."
Martha Graham

Times are tough.
Scary winds of change are howling at gale force.
Old certainties are daily revealed to be less than. . . certain.
People are showing their true colors.
Some are not handling it well;
They are aiming their anger at
targets of questionable appropriateness.
For it's easier to shout a punchy slogan
than it is to consider
the complexities
that brought us

For those whose values,
whose guidance,
comes from
these are exciting times.
For much needs changing
in our hearts
before society can change
for the better.

So keep your powder dry.
Don't fall for the easy con of blame.
Dare to believe
that cure, or Salvation
is a relief - a release;
Not a sweaty hike.
Be cunning, relaxed
and poised as a serpent
while harmless as a dove.
And like a cork
you'll dance the turbulent waters
till brilliant Dawn
takes away all but
(be it in this ocean
or the next)

Ahoy my friends
The most powerful thing we can do
is to love one another
and forgive each ourselves.
Thus is restored
the kingdom
of our
A L O H A! Cloudia