Friday, October 9, 2009

Come, Let's Fly

A L O H A,


YOU are welcome, Come In

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Would YOU rather be an immortal, imposing image of a bird
or a tiny, tremulous, burbling, living, bird?

"Hear how the birds, on ev'ry blooming spray,
With joyous musick wake the dawning day."
Alexander Pope

Pretty - Poised - Patient

"Birdes of a feather will flocke togither."
Marcus Valerius Martial

One Little Boy in a Crowd

“The God to whom little boys say their prayers
has a face very like their mother's"
James Matthew Barrie

Do you still dream of flying?
Do you still consider strapping on some wings,
or a cape,
and running full speed
down the leaf-covered hill?

Are the birds your friends
whisperings secrets
of love
just to you?

Does your heart soar
and plunge
while whily wind
promising freedom
and speed?

To swim, to fly, to dance;
casting your fancy to capricious Gyre's chance.
Something it is - called the essential
that longs
not to leave this earth
but to kiss it from the
Blue. cloudia

Inspired by one of my favourite Poets:

by Richard Wilbur

Treetops are not so high
Nor I so low
That I don’t instinctively know
How it would be to fly

Through gaps that the wind makes, when
The leaves arouse
And there is a lifting of boughs
That settle and lift again.

Whatever my kind may be,
It is not absurd
To confuse myself with a bird
For the space of a reverie:

My species never flew,
But I somehow know
It is something that long ago
I almost adapted to.

You & I are birds of a feather! Cloudia