Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home Town Hero

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When we first moved to Hawaii
we enjoyed watching Sumo wrestling on TV.
Now it's pay-per-view (and I ain't paying) but it was very popular here, especially in the 90s because a few local boys made it to Yokozuna status. Perhaps the most popular was Konishiki,
since retired and returned to Oahu.
Above is a Honolulu restaurant that appeals to locals and Japanese visitors alike.

What comes to mind when you hear the term: "Professional Athlete?"
Here is a picture of the beloved sports hero at the height of his career.

Recently he appeared on morning TV (at left, above).
He has lost a lot of weight, now that his career doesn't require him
to shove other giants out of the circle.
Here is Bruddah IZ' tribute in song to the Hawaii Sumotri:

And here is a short video of a Sumo match:

ALOHA, Sports Fans!