Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stars Come and Go

Aloha, Friends!
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"Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits
are objects of scorn to smart Americans
who blow horns to break up traffic jams."
Mary Ellen Kelly

Your Dream is Calling!

"Normal is not something to aspire to,
it's something to get away from."
Jodie Foster

The Black Pearl, Johnny Depp's pirate ship, has been spotted in Oahu waters!

"Happiness is an Open mind.
Beware of your stereotypes and prejudices,
they can trap you in a box and make you miss what life has to offer you."

Med Yones


There is a special pride that comes with living on a small island in the middle of the world's biggest ocean.

We are proud to be indigenous people of this land,
this `Aina.

And/or we are proud to be born here,
like my niece.

Some of us are proud that we braved more than
oceans to make a new life here.

We are proud of our Ohana
who are born and raised here
when they do great things
in the world out there,
like Dwayne Johnson,
"The Rock"
and our president Obama
who was born, grew up,
and went to school
a couple of miles from here;
He walked the same streets
that I do.
He understands things
that only we island people
Like: we need to live together,
there is no place far away
for us to go
and get away from each other.

For six seasons
has been "our" show.
Filmed down the block,
by Hubby's workplace,
using our locations
as The Island, as LA,
as Australia.

It's been fun to see them
my harbor,
or our corner pub.
And then to see them on

Seeing Hurley
(Jorge Garcia)
at Whole Foods was fun.
We always act cool,
we ARE Island cool.
Lots of stars
can walk around here
and be left alone,
not just Ann Margaret
who is here all the time.
(No one even recognizes her anymore
though we all love her work.
Don't you?)

The LOST actors
have become
part of the local scene.

Well now LOST will be leaving,
but one cast member may remain.

With our growing Korean
(Koreans first came to Hawaii over 100
years ago, and are an important part of
our "Local" culture.
To learn more,
read Alan Brennert's excellent

Many Korean people continue to immigrate here,
and Korean Soap Operas are HUGE on local TV;
Not to mention all our wonderful Korean restaurants, great and tiny!

And yes,
I do like Kim Chee!

So we are all thrilled
that popular Daniel Dae Kim
(who is partners in a restaurant here)
has been tapped to play
Chin Ho Kelly
(Originated by Kam Fong Chun)
on the new
Hawaii Five-0 pilot!

What's next,
Magnum P.I?

Actually, no.
Next up is the immensely successful
Pirates of the Caribbean
film franchise starring
Johnny Depp!
(Be still my heart).

Keep those film projects coming:

Book`em Danno!

ALOHA from Hollywood West,