Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Clear

Tsunami Warning Ended.

Mahalo Ke Akua - Thanks be to God!

And Thanks to YOU, for caring, cloudia

Tsunami Progress

amazing reports from neighbor islands of weird surf conditions.

Rushing water, exposed reefs.

In fact, some secondary waves are stronger than the first.

Officials from the Tsunami Center look more relaxed on camera.

Many surface roads in the inundation zone remain closed. Roads into Waikiki remain


Exciting, a worthwhile drill for "when" not "if" there is another disaster.

I'll not soon forget police with sirens & loudspeakers clearing the beaches and harbors...

adrenaline is a strange drug indeed. Not back to normal, but a whole less scary.

Aloha! c-

Tsunami Progress

We are now seeing changes in Waikiki's famous surf.

Quite amazing scenes of powerful water at the shore lines!

All is quiet. Power remains on (yay!)

Miss Kitty is still hiding under the furniture.

Maui Water is OFF.

I am exhausted from carrying and worrying, but we are quite comfortable.

Looks like we might be back on board today, but the warning has not yet been called off, and bigger waves might well show off.

Life. . . GLORIOUS! Aloha, friends

Tsunami Progress

We are watching a live cam from Hilo Bay on local TV. We can see changes in the water level happening before our eyes! Hilo lost life and property in 1946 and 1960 and take it seriously. We are seeing drastic, unusual changes minute to minute now. There is turbulence as the ebb and flow continue: in and out. Hilo is not out of the high water yet. The event here but not over. The wave should reach us here in Waikiki later. The mountain roads above town are full of parked cars watching the sea. The elevators in this building are off and people are being asked to stay above the 6th floor. Updates as we receive them here in Waikiki beach.

Aloha, Cloudia

Note, Blogger shows post time in California Time, Hawaiian Standard Time is 2 hours behind.
At 11:47 am, C-

TSUNAMI! Impact in 15 minutes

Favorite Hubby, Miss Kitty & I are on the 20th floor of a cement highrise here in Waikiki.
We left our boat/home of 18 years an hour ago taking all we could of values. Hopefully we will be home tonight, but we WILL be OK; HALLELUJAH!!!!

I know how I'd be worrying over one of
YOU blog friends in similar circumstances.
So IF the power goes out for a time, KNOW that we are OK if offline.

I really love you guys! Please excuse this rushed post. No niceties. We're watching live cams on TV and I wann get back to the Tsunami Party. Miss Kitty is hiding but safe.


Saturday Garden


Welcome Back To Waikiki


click on photos, OK?
"Sweet is the memory of distant friends.

Like the mellow rays of the departing sun,

it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart."

~ Washington Irving

"My lady's presence

makes the roses red,

because to see her lips

they blush for shame."

Henry Constable

"Love thou the rose,

yet leave it on it's stem."

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

ALOHA, my friend; and thank you for visiting today!