Wednesday, August 4, 2010



"Trust is like a mirror,

you can fix it if it's broken,

but you can still see the crack

in that mother fuckers reflection."

— Lady Gaga and Beyonce`

Tiny Surfers - Big Ocean

“The more you lose yourself

in something bigger than yourself,

the more energy you will have.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Again with the reflections.

"Reflective thinking

turns experience

into insight."

- John Maxwell


My attentions have followed the cultural elite

right off a cliff

into a short-attention-span state

like that of Brave Ulysses.

I am beguiled by the siren posts

of you other dreamers.

My attention and time are spent

but with the metabolism of a bird

distracted by the shining web-tinsel;

Our formerly serviceable minds

now hop and tweet

from limb to limb

never alighting long enough

to sing a novella,

build the nest of description,

or (sometimes) a career. . .

. . . Tweet Tweet!

Aloha fellow web-brain :)