Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guest Post


Welcome :)

View of urban Honolulu's Makiki neighborhood.

That "hill" at top is Punchbowl,
home of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
where President Obama's Grandfather
(in whose home the boy lived for years)
a WWII veteran, lies among generations of warriors.

The Hawaiians call it Puowaina, "the place of sacrifice,"
which it was once - the human kind.

That's MY view!

I'm Priscilla;
I'm happy that many of you asked about me.
No, Cloudia is just a friend of a friend
(my human Mykal).

That view above is MINE.
You see:
I'm an aristocrat.

My hay is always kept fresh,
here in my Makiki penthouse.

Wanna see Mykal's room?

Look at the rare Seattle Sea-Hawks headgear.
I like when he wears his wing helmet though.
We look like gods together then!

But I haven't forgotten my roots. . .
At my direction
Cloudia has posted a slide show she made
of some country bumpkins