Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Water Song


Play today's song (above) if you care to.

When you live on a boat, the sound of flowing water is never good.

A sailor's ear becomes exquisitely attuned

to all the subtle sounds

that water makes when it is moving.

It could even wake you up!

If water is finding it's way inside,
a trip to the dry dock is indicated-
Or you might sink!

Of course it took no special skills to notice the flowing river
in our engine room yesterday.

Were pumps and panic in my immediate future?

I'm happy to tell you that we had a plumbing issue.


In fact I've never been so happy to have a
plumbing issue!

So our life afloat is going swimmingly. . .

er, that is: I won't need to swim for now.

And next time you have some maintenance issue at YOUR place
just remember, it could always be worse.
At least you probably won't sink

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and if you REALLY loved the song, here is a video of same: