Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hollywood in Waikiki


Waikiki as we think of her.

"The tops of the trees

are but the roots

of the sky."

Last night the red carpet was rolled onto Waikiki Beach

(please excuse photo "quality.")

The stars of the NEW Hawaii-50 were all there

Grace Park, and adopted local guy, Daniel Dae Kim

(here for years filming LOST)

thrilled the crowd.

The premier episode was shown to thousands of locals and visitors

right on the beach.

Word is GOOD!

Those in North America can tune in NEXT MONDAY!


To my bloggy pals:

Life has been a busy ride of late,
and I haven't made my web rounds
to all your blogs
in WAY too long!

Thanks for bearing with me;

I hope to enjoy


posts very soon!

Warmly, c-