Thursday, October 7, 2010

Island Friends


Let's Walk Waikiki

and See Who We Meet!

"The temple seashore
 incoming rollers
flow in time
to the holy flute"


“Contemplation seems to be about the only luxury

 that costs


 Dodie Smith 

“When the mouse laughs at the cat

 there is a hole nearby”

 Nigerian Proverb

"Do not neglect to entertain strangers kindly,

for in doing so, some have entertained angels

without ever knowing it."

Hebrews 13:2


Remember Sylvia Brown the psychic?
She used to appear on Montel's TV show once a week.

Little things she said
often resonated with me.

How she thought and operated
was more interesting to me
than her specific predictions.

One day she came out to thunderous applause.
Montel said: 
"They love you!"

she said,
"They know that
love them."

That started me thinking:

I mean, I love humanity
(in the abstract)
but people right HERE
do (I should say 'did')
often rub me the wrong way
or fill me with

"What does the audience feel
when I walk through the curtain?"
I wondered.

I understood that I was not a 
or a fighter,
but sort of a judge.

And who enjoys the feeling
of being judged?

I have also come to understand
that the truth about us is expressed
through 'vibes' as they say.

Over 90% of communication
is non-verbal.

Hard for a writer to believe,
but said to be true.

I have since grown into a truer love
of others.
And every day brings lovely,
 ample, evidence
that my 'vibe' has changed
for the better!

Now I don't mind appearing a bit eccentric,
but I don't like to be pushy
or to let my affection get out of hand.

Aloha, after all,
 means to respect first,
means being gentle,
to simply "let others be."

It is an open invitation
not an enforcement
and means meeting each person
where they are;
Laughing with children,
crying with mourners.

All in an atmosphere
of gratitude
to every being
who shares this realm with me.

That includes 


       Thanks very much for your visit!  cloudia

I have come to perceive
that truth expresses itself
('Vibes' if you will).

It's not about what you say,
but the feeling that you bring.

"The simple recognition that everyone else wants to be happy
 and not to suffer, just as I do,
 serves as a constant reminder against selfishness and partiality.
 It reminds us there is little to be gained from being kind
 and generous while hoping to win something in return.
 Actions motivated by a desire to earn a good name for ourselves
 are still selfish, even if they appear to be acts of kindness."

Dalai Lama

  This is the definition of Aloha!