Saturday, October 9, 2010

Watching the Wheels

& Welcome to My Waikiki. . .

not only to say the right thing
in the right place,

to leave unsaid
the wrong thing
at the tempting moment."

Ben Franklin

we feel hemmed in,
like we've come to a dead

 But a shift in perspective,


a glance over or around the obstacle. . . 

Just for today
I will be happy.

Everywhere I go
there are people to love
including myself.


So many wonderful blogs!
There is just NO way I can visit each of you,
my favorites,
as often as I wish. . .

I hope you understand. . .
You enrich my life
and are much appreciated!


"Life is what happens while you are making other plans."

I had studied till I could study no more.
Now I just had to get all that information
intact to the midterm examinations.

Nothing could be permitted to disturb
my edifice of facts;
Tomorrow I would write my essays
in that blue book
proving my comprehension.

Now I must sleep.

Just a few moments of music.

I turned the radio on.

"We repeat: John Lennon has been shot in New York.
No reports yet on his condition."

my exams seemed trivial.

How can I explain?

Fortunately, I don't really need to:
his lyrical genius
and his brilliant irreverence
touched the whole world.

For us,
his voice was the sound
of our growing up:

Pop that changed the sound of the world.

Explorations in consciousness.

A plea for PEACE.

Music and ideas

that expanded with OUR consciousness.

I loved John.

Today would have been his 70th birthday.

My path has not always made sense to those around me,
or even to myself;
but it has been 
honest as it has been

John modelled the courage
to follow your personal genius,
to follow your heart
to give yourself fully
to that which you love.

I have always loved the song below
and identified with it.

All I am saying
is give peace with yourself
a chance.

Make it count.

Because John was right:
Life IS what happens
while we make other plans.

We make plans

and God laughs.

So laugh along.

Cry some too. . .

Thanks for being

my friend!  cloudia