Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Needn't Own Them

A l o h a !

"Everybody suffers.
If you accept your suffering,
you can understand others
But never forget:
life is sweet."

Steven Colbert's Mother, Lorna
as told by her son

"He's a fine fellow
with but one fault;
He's a terrible scoundrel."

Said of a 19th Century Steam-Ship Company lobbyist

"That which you DO -
that is what you ARE."

Ingrid Bettencourt

My Buddy Aiden
Happy First Birthday!

"A truly rich man
 is one whose children run into his arms
 when his hands are empty."

Author Unknown


Visiting old books,
stories, paintings, faces;
seeing wonders in museums,
gems in a shop,
imbibing epic skies
on a blog
or resounding to
a mellifluous brook. . .

All these things
feed me
and you.

We needn't own them-
but may revisit anytime,

They show us new facets
and intimations
as we develop new ones of our own.

          Thank YOU for visiting! cloudia