Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Closeup - My School

A L O H A!

"President Obama
has a higher favorable rating
than the previous two presidents
had at the same point in their presidencies."


Two thirds of all people
who have lived to age 65
are alive

Scott Caan, Danno


Looks like we passed our "audition!"

"Hawaii 5-O is off to an impressive start. . . After three weeks it was the No. 1 new show on Television. It may be one of the most recorded shows on DVR, and has been licensed to broadcasters in nearly 200 countries."
  Chris Ender, Senior VP of Communications for CBS-TV, told a local columnist.

The crew has been here in my harbor neighborhood filming more than once (as LOST and the original 5O did), and it is fun to see all the other locations and local faces.

We're also in on some behind the scenes stuff too.
 For example, Scott Caan aggravated an old knee injury while surfing steps from here and had to fly back to LA to see a specialist.

 "Don't worry," producers told us locals, "we'll just write it into the script."
 And so they have. We also saw local funny man
Augie Tulba "loan" a helicopter to the crime fighters in a recent episode.

Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett  showed some skin in bed this week, and we locals learned that the location for his home is "played" by the Bayer Estate.

 Next week, a local lad, 9 year old Aidan Laprete Powell, will perform his viral  You Tube ukulele version of "Hey Soul Sister" on the show!  (Wonder if he is in class with the fellow Hahaione Elementary School student who plays Danno's daughter, Teilor Grubbs?)

Even if the show wasn't great, we'd all watch it. But I'm thrilled to say that it is a sweet trifle, a fun ride with some heart, and looks to be a true hit.

 The characters are growing on me, too.

Locals have been amused by multiple references to the fictional alma mater of some of those characters, Kukui High School. Some clever fellows started a web page for the school (where they are selling "School" items!)

 Our State Tree, the Kukui is called the Candle Tree for it's fatty nuts which the Hawaiians of old skewered on a coconut mid-rib and burned to give a good, clean light.

Kukui oil is also a capitol skin/hair enhancer and healer. So of course the school mascot is The Fighting Nut. There's even an all-year "reunion" planned for next month and a flourishing Yearbook which you can see HERE. You might even see someone you know!
Go Nuts!

But lots more Hollywood hoo-ha is going on here too:

Justin Bieber performed here last week.
 That's him dripping wet and wearing board shorts  (in a pic shot here)  in a recent People magazine. 

Christina Aguilera and a slew of other celebrities were here on the block this week for the opening  of the new Waikiki Edition Hotel overlooking yours truly.

The place looks VERY exclusive, so I need to plan an outfit and work up my nerve before I check the place out and have a drinky there.

Iron Chef Morimoto has a restaurant at the Edition
and has been here personally
creating quite a stir among his fans
including our many Japanese visitors.
If I hit the lottery, I'll dine there and report back to you.
A local food columnist called it:
"The Best Place to Dine in Honolulu - 
If Someone Else is Picking Up the Check."

And so it goes. . .Fall in Waikiki.

     Thanks for joining me - Go NUTS!  cloudia