Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Memories!

Yo!  er, that is, I mean:


Yeah, yeah...
Waikiki, Beach, Hawaii,
blah blah blah.

My mind is somewhere else-

Later today the
Philadelphia Phillies
will fight to remain
in the World Series Race.

The Phillies broadcasts
 were the soundtrack of my
Summers growing up:
By Sahm, Harry Kalas,
John  Facenda. . .

One day when I was little,
 Dad drove me into the city. . .

After paying some local kids to "watch" our car
we approached a big brick building that blended in
 with all the other brick
 in the city that Philadelphia was
 in the 50's.

My Dad told me that he went to
Mastbaum Technical High School right down the street.

I was a suburban kid,
 but he was teaching me that these were the streets
 we really came from. . .

courtesy (along with above):

I saw this on the website above
 and remembered walking past that wall. . .

I'll never forget the brilliant green of the field
after all that brick;

Right in the city!

I remember lots of cement and exposed girders.
 It reminded me of the subway

"The Philadelphia Phillies are the oldest continuous one-city, one-nickname franchise in sports, and no team enjoys as rich a history and as deep a connection with their fans. From their first game in 1883 through the team's back-to-back trips to the World Series in 2008 and 2009, the Phillies have earned a special place in baseball history and cultivated a passionate relationship with fans near and far."

Introduction by Mike Schmidt
Foreword by Christopher Guest
Dedicated to Harry Kalas

There's even a very pleasing Hawaii connection in the person of the athletic
 Shane "The Flyin` Hawaiian" Victorino.
He always seems to be in the thick of it!

So this afternoon (here in Hawaiian Standard Time) 
I will be spending time with FOX Sports,
 and my ghosts:
 Dad, Granddad, Jimmy,
 and the kid I was growing up in Philly.

Hope you make some lifetime memories this weekend,
 no matter how tiny.
 They might just loom large in later times. . .
You may sometime long to recapture the treasures
that seem so plentiful today.

     Warmly, cloudia