Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Team Loses


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“The less I behave like Whistler's mother

 the night before,

 the more I look like her

 the morning after.”

 Tallulah Bankhead 

"Baseball is almost the only orderly thing
 in a very unorderly world.
 If you get three strikes,
 even the best lawyer in the world

 can't get you off."

Bill Veeck

"Especially in times of darkness,
that is the time to love,
That an act of love
might tip the balance."



I often call San Francisco:
 "My Hometown that I never lived in."

What a great, great city!

 Congratulations on beating my childhood Phillies
for the Pennant.

Thank you, Phillies
for an exciting pennant series and a great season!

That last out was the most exciting baseball possible.

And just remember:
 Baseball is a gentleman's game.

The visitors bat first.

(But then our team has the last crack at the ball,
 the last say :)

You don't hate the other team.

You save THAT for the World Series;

You hate that other, strange league!

And Texas?

I thought Gov Rick Perry was seceding. (Click HERE)


The American League isn't even REAL, historic ball.
Not like we play it in the National League.

(I propagandize, you decide)


Texas against The Bay?

Who do you think I'm rooting for?


(There are nice folks in Texas like our blogger pal Travis;
Visit him here
But exception that proves the rule, know what I'm sayin`?)

     Have a wonderful, irreplaceable day! cloudia