Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lost Time

A  L  O  H  A !

This was my theme-song for many years. 

 Now it mostly reminds me of the blessings of ALOHA,
of friends, family & neighbors.

Let's be rocks together! Click and sing along as we look at some fresh Honolulu images:

"You don't really understand human nature
 unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round
 will wave at his parents every time around -
 and why his parents will always wave back."

  William D. Tammeus

"Each day of our lives
 we make deposits
 in the memory banks of our children."

  Charles R. Swindoll

“Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble”

 French Proverb


><}}(°>       <°)}}><

We were as tiny mice,
 living in the baroque edifice
 of our parents' war-without-end.'
A milieu of constant stress + no reassurance or positive attention = severe damage.
That would be me.

It all seemed so fated,
 just the way the world works;
 get used to it.

"This is the best time of your life,"
 my father told me.
  "You'll have to work hard everyday,
 so enjoy being a kid."

This was the best I could hope for?!
  I already wanted to die.

Other kids played.
 They seemed childish and stupid to me;
  I knew the truth,
and set my sights on the far horizon
 of adulthood and escape.

I wasn't popular,
 which didn't bother me
 and was mutual.

The only peace & comfort I knew
 was in blessed solitude:
a book, a brook
running through trees.

Alone at night in my room
their arguing filtered through a 
reassuring wall. . .

They never meant the messages that I received
but the were received.
And only now-
half a century later-
are they being examined
and rejected.

Dead letters
whose news (nevertheless)
 had shaped my life.

Time to explore new frontiers of being human.
No time for regret.
I'm making up for lost time:
being happy
"wasting" love and patience on strangers
and myself;
even on those closest.

"Make us glad
 in reward for the days of our sorrow,
 and for the years in which we have seen evil."
Psalm 90:15

Douay-Rheims Bible