Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grateful Hog

Aloha Pal!            

Glad to See You :)

"This is the highest form of human intelligence,
 to observe yourself without judgement"

Deepak Chopra

Don't worry about the difficulty
of loving everyone;
Just love each one
at a time.

"We can't always do great things,
but we can do simple things
with great love."

Mother Teresa


The population of Africa's Mountain gorillas
has risen a remarkable
26% in recent years.

Home prices in Hawaii have risen just over
 100% in ten years.

As of January first, no fishing is allowed in Waikiki
 so that nature may recover for one year.

Kilauea volcano on the Big Island called HAWAII
 has been erupting for some 28 years;
The longest ongoing eruption any where on our planet. One more home (built atop an older flow - duh!)
is threatened by the pouring hot lava.

Skies over Honolulu have been changeable murals of pewter, blue & salmon
 with showers here and there.
But today is to be unambiguous
BLUE, with Steamy White Clouds,
 and SUN
before another front brings capricious sprites of rain
to our Oahu valleys. 

So today I must be out at play,
getting my fix of the weather
than makes you HIGH.

The Sony Open is in town (FORE!)
Elton John is coming to Maui.
I have my health
and this month's rent.

We pray for dialog to replace demonization
in our US politics.
(We can never do great things-
or even average things well-
if we are always fighting each other.)

I'm Grateful that you came by today!

When we make a point of noticing
and "listing"
the sources of gratitude in our lives
it multiplies to our enrichment.

We are all the descendants of humans
who always saw the lion coming
because they always stayed alert for danger.
That's why we tend to be hyper-vigilant for problems
 and threats.

But Our mental and spiritual survival
now demand
 that we be as alert
for sources of Aloha, Possibility & Healing.

Will you allow yourself off of the treadmill of worry?

Life is never "all sorted out" as long as you live,
and uncompleted tasks will be on your final "list."

So here's permission:
You are done worrying - and you have this day
begun a life of
defiant gratitude. (if you want to)

Notice THAT forces of evil: POW!

So how crazy am I?
      See you in "comments" :) cloudia