Sunday, January 23, 2011

Look For Richard!


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"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone,
 but on trees and flowers
 and clouds and stars."

  Martin Luther

"When you fish for love,
 bait with your heart,
 not your brain."

Mark Twain

"Painting is something that takes place
 among the colors, 
 ... one has to leave them alone completely,
 so that they can settle the matter
 among themselves." 

Rainer Maria Rilke

My Pal Richard

"A true friend
is someone who thinks that
you are a good egg
even though he knows
that you are slightly

Bernard Meltzer



Yesterday I had Dim Sum
 with my buddy
 Richard Rodrigues.

"What have you been doing lately?"
 I asked him.

Aside from his usual pro-social activities writing grants
for community organizations and stuff like that, 
Richard has been open to new opportunities lately,
and BOY
 has he latched on to something good!

Tonight after the NFL Football Playoffs
 (here in the States)
CBS will be showing (off) it's most popular
 new TV show of the season:
 Hawaii 5-O.

Watch the scene in the Tsunami HQ
and you will see Richard as a technician
in the crucial action!

He worked with Scott Caan and
Alex O'Loughlin!

Isn't that cool?

But that's not all!

Richard has also been appearing
 as a (background) regular
in the ABC show Off The Map,
 in which our island stands in
for South America.

Richard answered the call
 for a Hispanic-looking adult male
and now makes regular appearances
 as a "local doctor"
on that show!

"That's amazing, Richard!
  I'm so happy for you.
 Anything else?"

"Well," He replied, "I do have a part
 in the film Battleship." 
(currently wrapping up here on Oahu).

Richard is now a member of the actor's union.

Hope he will still find time to meet me in Chinatown!

Possibilities are afoot, Friends!

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