Thursday, January 27, 2011

State of Union Insights

"There's no doubt 
that the residue of Hawaii will always stay with me,
 and that is part of my core.
  What's best in my message,
 is consistent with the tradition of Hawaii."

President Barack Obama,
speaking in Honolulu, 
December 2004

 The ALOHA Spirit
 is enshrined in the State Law of Hawaii
 which refers to it as:

 "-the essence of relationships
 in which each person
 is important to every other person
 for collective existence."

 "The multicultural nature of Hawaii. . .
has a cultural bias toward courtesy
 and trying to work through problems
 in a way that makes everybody feel
 like they're being listened to.
  And I think that reflects itself in my personality
 as well as my political style."

Barack Obama

"Barry (the President) has a depth of knowing
that what we have in common in Hawaii
 is our difference.
That's Hawaii."

Manu Alulii Meyer,
his schoolmate at Punahou School,

"Hawaiians are affiliative;
 we really want to bond with people.
Every time I see Obama, he's touching people,
That's island all the way."

Sally-Jo Bowman, 
author: The Heart of Being Hawaiian 


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