Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blues Beach

        "Welcome Friend :)"

Play The Song of the Day!

I love deep greens and blues. . .


. . .  But not being deep in the Blues.  

Right now,
there are those who are deeply depressed
in large mansions;
  But have you seen the
Amazing Smiles 
of the "developing world?"

  When you think back on
the wonderful times of your life,
how much did that wonderfulness
have to do with money?

  Often couples look back
on their early days of struggle
as good times.

It took years
to become the person
you are here today.

You carry wisdom & flaws
and you bless this world,
and all those around you,
in a unique way.

So carry on!
In joy and in melancholia.

Many of YOUR posts
have made me understand
  that I have companions
in this world,
just like me,
who understand.

Good People.

So here's to YOU, friend;
Whether in Mumbai, Britain,
Canada, Moscow,
Connecticut, Manhattan, Italy,
or Penang!

Aren't We Something!
To rule something
you must first name it.
What do they call "The Blues"
in your part of the world?
Tell us in comments-
           Thanks for visiting!  cloudia