Monday, February 7, 2011

Look For What's Missing


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"The more your find out about the world,
the more opportunities
there are 
to laugh at it."

Bill Nye 
('The Science Guy')

Hard Working Hawaiian

"Success is getting what you want;
is wanting what you get."

Ingrid Bergman

"For something to catch on
you need to be able
to explain it in a sentence."

Al Masini
creator of hit television shows:
'Star Search' 
'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous'
'Entertainment Tonight'
'Sold Gold'
32 miniseries' & Specials
including: 'A Woman Called Golda'
(About Golda Meir, staring Ingrid Bergman
 - won 3 Emmy Awards)

“All of my ideas come from studying what’s not on the air,”
 Mr. Masini told The New York Times in 1986.
 “Most people think the simplest way to sell a show is to say it’s like another show.
 If ‘Cosby’ is a hit, soon you get 10 ‘Cosby’ imitations.
 My attitude has always been to look for what’s missing. . .
  . . . then I try to fill the need.”

In 1980, when “Solid Gold”
 was about to begin its long run,
 he flew from his New York office to Los Angeles so he 
 personally choreograph the dance numbers.
Sure, we had a choreographer,” he later told The Times,
 “but I knew what I wanted.
 I can’t be happy unless I have complete control.”
Mr. Masini came to Hawaii to produce 
the 1998 "Miss Universe Pageant" 

fell in love with our community

and stayed on.

He is credited as convincing the producers

 of the television series'

  "Baywatch" and "Pacific Blue" to film here.

What needs & opportunities
       are catching your eye? cloudia